Heavnzsent Cattery
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Kitten Waiting List


How to get on the waiting list

If you would like to reserve a kitten and be put on my waiting list, there must first be a phone interview with me. Please be aware that I will ask a lot of questions about your life, home and family. At that time I can also answer any questions you may have about my cats and cattery. I can be reached at by email.

If I do approve you to reserve a kitten, there is a $400.00 deposit required per kitten. This deposit will be applied towards the price of your kitten. This deposit is non-refundable. I reserve the right to take you off of my wait list at any time, and will refund your deposit if I do so. Please do not send a deposit if you cannot meet the terms of my Sales Agreement. Please make checks payable to Shelly Finley and send them to N62W37794 Wadebridge Road, Oconomowoc, WI 53066.

As a breeder, I retain the right of first choice on all litters, as I may want to keep a kitten for breeding or show purposes.

Please also be aware that my cattery is a Limited Liability Company and I have a Seller's Permit issued by the State of Wisconsin. As such, I am required to charge sales tax on each kitten I sell and that is sent to the State of Wisconsin via my income tax returns. My tax rate is currently at 5%. This amount is not included in the kitten price.

Once your deposit is received, you will officially be on my wait list and I will provide you with current information regarding your status and expected litters. I will send you a Facebook album of all my litters on the day they are born, at approximately six weeks of age and at approximately 8 weeks of age. Please feel free to contact me at any time during your waiting period with any questions or concerns. Once kittens are old enough to evaluate (usually between 4 - 8 weeks of age) they will be offered to the Waiting List.

All kittens receive their first kitten shot at 9 weeks and their second kitten shot at 13 weeks.


I use Nobivac® Feline 1-HCP (Eclipse 3) which is a modified live virus and prevents Feline Rhinotracheitis (Feline Herpes), Calici, and Panleukopenia. I do not allow visitation of the kittens until they have received their first shots. I am not a vet, but I do believe we are over-vaccinating our cats. Since vaccines contain viruses, chemicals, adjuvants and other potential toxins, there is a better way to make sure your pet has the protection they need without injecting them with toxins every year. Ask your vet to do a blood draw and a titer test. This test will determine if your cat has maintained adequate immunity from a previous vaccine, so it will tell you if you actually do need to give another vaccine or not. They are finding that most vaccines last much longer than one year. Doing this simple test can prevent you from giving your pet unneeded vaccines every year.

I place my kittens at 10 weeks old. Since they get their first shot at 9 weeks and their second shot at 13 weeks, you will be responsible for taking your kitten in to get its last kitten shot. You can also use this vet appointment as your pre-authorization checkup so you can schedule their spay or neuter. I recommend the boys are neutered before they are five months old. I recommend the girls are spayed before they are six months old.

If you or anyone in your home believes they have cat allergies, you must do an allergy test and pass before committing to purchase a kitten. Please see the Visitation Policy and the Hypoallergenic page for further information regarding these matters.


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